Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just for Fun: Sid and Fancy

Today I'm taking a break from writing informative, educational content to write about something fun! I saw this fantastic band perform last Saturday when I was on vacation in Portland.

They're called Sid and Fancy, and their music is kind of a punk-rock mix of country and dark comedy. All their beats are happy and quick, but the lyrics threw me for a loop! These guys were up there singing about drinkin' cause their girl left 'em -- plucking on a banjo and stomping their feet all the while.

They also had this great fiddle player -- wow! She was awesome. She was standing at the very back of the stage, but she had such a huge presence that you just couldn't ignore it! I highly reccommend checking them out if you're ever in the Portland area. For a $10 cover I got a full night of entertainment.

To hear a sample of their music, check out their spot on MySpace . They have some great pics and an awesome song on their homepage.

I wonder if they need help with their website... >:)

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jessica said...

howdy from Sid and Fancy's fiddle player, Jess! I'm glad you enjoyed the show and really appreciate your kind words!!

When I'm not playing the fiddle, I am actually a Life Coach and found your blooging to be full of helpful tips. So thanks for that as well. I know I'll return often... Where are you located geographically?

Jess Kieras